Kanto is the first region of Pixelbuilt, just like in the original Pokemon games. Kanto is located east for Johto, being the only regions directly connected. The Kanto region of PixelBuilt is based on Pokémon FireRed. All players start in Kanto.

Geography Edit

Kanto is mostly covered by forests and low mountains. Though Kanto also has a vast archipelago of islands, named Sevii Islands. All citynames in Kanto are named after colors (Viridian City, Lavender Town, Indigo Plateu, etc.). Only exception is Pallet Town, even though it is also a reference to a color. Unlike the official Pokemon games, players of Pixelbuilt can choose all starters from Generation I-V, making a total of 15 different starters. Kanto is based of the real life region Kantō in Japan. Kantō means "East of the Barrier" in japanese.

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Major AreasEdit

Picture (NOT READY!) Area Name Description
Error Pallet Town A fairly new and quiet town. It's a small and pretty place.
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