Pallet Town Day

Pallet Town is the first town the player explores after getting a starter Pokemon. After picking up Oak's Parcel in Viridian City the player must go to Oak's Lab to get five default Poké Balls and a Pokédex.

Geography Edit

Pallet Town is a small town in the middle of the forests of Kanto. All new players spawn in the north-west house that is supposed to be the player's house. In the player's house there is a fossil machine and a PC. The north-east house is the rival's house. To the south-west is a empty plot for building a house, something that never happened. So the plot is filled with flowers. The south-east house, Prof. Oak's Lab, has several machines like healing machines and such inside. North for Pall

et Town is Route 1, leading to Viridian. South is Route 21, leading to Cinnabar Island.

Story Role Edit

Pallet Town serves as the spawn town for all new players, and after being in Viridian City picking up Oak's Parcel, the player can get five Poké Balls and a Pokédex by giving the Parcel to Oak. This also removes the old man at Route 2. The player can also get a map from rival's sister in the north-east house, but the map is not functional, instead the player can always access the live map.

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